Day: Januar 25, 2021

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation
Crazy Tube Circuits

Special limited edition of the Constellation CV7003 pedal

The Greek boutique manufacturer presents the Constellation CV7003, a special limited edition version of the popular Constellation Multimode Germanium Fuzz/Booster pedal. Inspired by classic British vintage fuzz boxes, the all-analog design based on NOS Germanium CV7003 transistors delivers a smooth, deep and complex sound with amazing clarity.

Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis
Crazy Tube Circuits

Memphis Vibrato

Memphis Vibrato was designed as the “small brother” of Killer V. A true pitch shifting amp-like vibrato pedal, without the drive section.

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators
Teenage Engineering

Introducing Pocket Operator capcom® series.

In cooperation with legendary video game manufacturer Capcom, Teenage Engineering presents two new pocket operators that bring back the gaming flair of the 80s!