DT-MTC Record light controller / Midi TimeCode display

Dtronics DT-MTC

With this solution developed in the Netherlands, you can convert a midi signal from almost any DAW to a relay circuit. A commonly used application is e.g. switching on a recording light as soon as your DAW goes into recording. In addition, the DT-MTC has a practical counter on board that can track Midi Time Code (MTC). Connecting is very easy; with USB to the computer, the DT-MTC automatically presents itself as two MIDI ports and behaves like HUI. In addition, the plus of a 12V power supply (to e.g. LED lighting) is connected to the DT-MTC for switching on and off. The DT-MTC is bus-powered, so power is supplied from the USB connection. An external adapter is not required (with the exception of the provision for LED lighting)

We have tested the DT-MTC with Avid Pro Tools and Presonus Studio One, but in principle the DT-MTC should work with any DAW that supports the HUI protocol and can send MTC.

LED strips are not included.

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