Gear Of The Year: Best accessories of 2019, Audient Nero

Audient Nero Gear of the Year 2019

Highly commended: Audient Nero. Audient has long been regarded as one of the real industry leaders when it comes to mixing consoles and interfacing, however the company’s attention to quality is still evident across their other products, the Nero is a tactile monitor controller that replicates the monitor sections of vintage mixing consoles and presents them in a desktop studio form. Its remarkably well built and has solid buttons, knobs and digital inputs that support up tot 192kHz/24-bit signals.

In our review, Adam Crute said “Nero comes in a chunky, solidly built black enclosure that’s perfectly sized to sit alongside your computer keyboard or DAW controller. The device’s controls all live on the top surface of the enclosure, which is angled so that the controls are tilted towards you, as they would be on a large-format mixing console. It’s a well-built monitor controller that’s just like the monitor section of a mixing console”

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