Nektar GXP49 / GXP61

Nektar GXP49 & GXP61

The GXP series has grown: with the two new additions, the GXP49 and the GXP61, Nektar presents 2 high-quality USB master keyboards with outstandingly playable, semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keyboard and aftertouch. Like the GXP88, the new keyboards feature extensive connectivity, DAW integration and outstanding masterkeyboard functionality in combination with the included Nektarine software.

Up to 16 VST or AU instrument plug-ins can be loaded into the software’s 16 slots for simultaneous use. The hardware allows direct patch access for hybrid or software-based keyboard setups via the RBG patch buttons and the ability to define keyboard ranges, layers and splits for all hosted plugins. All plugin settings and combinations can be saved in a single multi-patch. Nektarine can be used as a VST, AU or AAX plugin in any compatible DAW or as a standalone application.

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