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Ground FX

Ground FX is a young pedal manufacturer from Hamburg whose owner comes from the DIY pedal scene. All pedals are lovingly handcrafted in the heart of St. Pauli with high-quality materials. True to the motto «the eye listens» the visual design of the pedals is of great importance at Ground FX. All designs are created by a young and highly talented illustrator from Madrid. The somewhat gloomy, almost monochrome and affectionate designs ensure a high recognition value.


Ground FX – Burning Sunn
This Preamp / Distortion is an authentic – JFET based – replica of Sunn’s Model T (1st gen). Expect doomy and gnarly tones with a lot of deep low end.

Ground FX – Koloss
„Koloss“ is a brutal High-Gain Muff!

Ground FX – Boneflower
The „Boneflower“, a really nice sounding low gain Overdrive with an additional Booster/Gain Stage.

Ground FX – Aton – Echo & Reverb
«Aton“ is a quite Lo-Fi but warm and lush sounding Echo!

Ground FX – Keto – double Chorus/Vibrato/Reverb
„Keto“ is a double Chorus with additional reverb. Expect dreamy lo-fi ambient tones!

Ground FX – Ravager
The „Ravager“, a fuzzy and nasty distortion. A customer said it reminds him of a vintage Orange amp.

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