Sonicsmith ConVertor E1

Sonicsmith ConVertor E1

Pitch tracking, expandable oscillator alongside a studio preamp. The ConVertor E1 merges the pro-studio into the Eurorack modular synth. Translating the natural nuances of an audio signal to analog and digital synthesizers, accurately, in an ultra-compact but expandable module. Developed from the ground up, the ConVertor E1 packs an enormous amount of features compared to its size. With a professional preamp, internal VCA, attenuvertor, analog compressor, CV compressor/expander, quantizer, VCO mode, auto-gain, and multiple expansion options both in software and hardware.

With a 3rd generation technology, the ConVertor E1 is capable of detecting the pitch of the audio and synthesize a choice of four waveforms (presets) as well as extracting the pitch CV, envelope CV, and gate CV signals as accurately as possible today. Built for efficiency and stability. The intuitive interface makes controlling its plentiful functions easy. Functions that would have taken additional 7-12 external modules are now offered at a touch of a button. It offers saved/recalled from presets for a «plug and play» live performance/during expensive studio sessions where time is of the essence. An expansion MIDVerotr E1 can add MIDI output sustain pedal input, arpeggiator to MIDI and back to ConVertors, centralized control for groups of ConVertors and more all via a high-speed, bi-directional 4-pin header connection we call the «Sonicsmith bus».


  • Audio / CV controlled oscillator with MIDI option
  • Most accurate, rapid pitch tracking to date
  • Pitch CV, ENV CV, Gate CV and synth audio outputs
  • Preamp with +50 dB auto-gain, Hi Z sw. (2M Ohm), HPF (25Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz), analog gain-compression
  • 1V/oct FM input with dedicated quantizer and attenuverter
  • Digital 4-pin connection to a MIDVertor E1 to enable MIDI in/out, sustain pedal, arpeggiation, and sync expansion option
  • True-sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth selectable waveforms
  • 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 analog gain-compression while in VCO mode
  • 1:2 / 2:1 / 3:1 / 4:1 / 6:1 / 8:1, 32bit, ENV CV compression/expansion & attenuverter for each destination
  • Polyphonic operation option with multiple units connected to one expansion MIDVertor E1 mainframe

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