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Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation
Crazy Tube Circuits

Special limited edition of the Constellation CV7003 pedal

The Greek boutique manufacturer presents the Constellation CV7003, a special limited edition version of the popular Constellation Multimode Germanium Fuzz/Booster pedal. Inspired by classic British vintage fuzz boxes, the all-analog design based on NOS Germanium CV7003 transistors delivers a smooth, deep and complex sound with amazing clarity.

Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis
Crazy Tube Circuits

Memphis Vibrato

Memphis Vibrato was designed as the “small brother” of Killer V. A true pitch shifting amp-like vibrato pedal, without the drive section.

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash
Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3

For this new incarnation of Splash reverb we took all the algorithms of the multi-awarded mk3 version, the plate and shimmer algorithm from Sidekick and added 3 more exciting reverb algorithms, two modulated and one flanged freeze reverb algorithm.

Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged v2
Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged V2

Space Charged just got super charged! Preserving that warm tube tone of V1 we’ve added gain and volume boost function to spice up your solos. The core real-tube overdrive circuit, courtesy of a 12AY7, is exactly the same but as we listened to our customers feedback we updated the tone control with wider range for brighter sounds available and also included a tight / fat switch to shape lower frequencies.