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IK Multimedia macOS Catalina
IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia MacOS Catalina product schedule

As you may have noticed from our announcements and our macOS 10.15 Catalina update, IK has been hard at work bringing our music production software and hardware products up to date and compatible with Apple’s latest macOS version.

Dreadbox Nyx2 Firmware Update

Firmware-Update: Dreadbox Nyx V2

Please, proceed with this firmware update if your serial number is over 171, (serial looks like NYXX0171 where the last 3 digits show the number of the unit).

Weiss DAC 501/502 Firmware Update

Weiss DAC 501/502 Firmware-Update 2.1.0

DSP Plugins: DeEsser reduce sibilance particularly with human voices. Web Interface: Enhanced Slider responsivity. Device Information. Device Reenaming Tool etc…


Oplab Module OS Update (1.1.1)

Rewritten OP-Z-to-module communication, significantly improving midi reliability. Speed optimizations. Lower power consumption. Add LED start-up animation. UPDATE HERE


OP-Z OS update (1.2.17)

Module stability improvements. App file transfer improvements. Exponential LFO depth knob. Add «generous_chords» option for 6 note poly on chord track and much more. UPDATE HERE


Sonicware ELZ_1 new system firmware Ver.3.0.113

New functions:Modulation enhancement of FM synth, LFO parameter enhancement, Modulation enhance of 8-Bit WAVE MEM(FM MODE), Effect Insert function added to AUX IN, Supports BPMsycn for AutoPan, Chorus, Vibrato, Tremolo effects. Special Bonus: Added PingPong Delay effect. UPDATE HERE