Day: Januar 2, 2020


Gear Of The Year: Kali Audio Mountain View (Nominee)

We first came across Kali Audio through the company’s debut offering, the sensibly-priced Lone Pine studio monitors. The company’s follow-up product, Mountain View, is a smart but simple device that delivers…


Review: Studiologic Mixface

Controlling your DAW with hardware can be a tempting prospect and Studiologic’s Mixface promises advanced and seamless integration for the modern studio. Does it face up to the challenge?


Oplab Module OS Update (1.1.1)

Rewritten OP-Z-to-module communication, significantly improving midi reliability. Speed optimizations. Lower power consumption. Add LED start-up animation. UPDATE HERE


OP-Z OS update (1.2.17)

Module stability improvements. App file transfer improvements. Exponential LFO depth knob. Add «generous_chords» option for 6 note poly on chord track and much more. UPDATE HERE