EP-133 K.O. II. is a portable and powerful synthesiser, sampler and composer. It features a completely redesigned sequencer, brand new Punch-in 2.0™ effects and a workflow that gets you from an idea to a track faster than ever before.

The EP-133 K.O. II can be played anywhere. It takes you away from programmed beats and into the moment. It features a built-in microphone for instant sampling, a built-in speaker, 999 sample slots, 64 MB of memory, a powerful, precise sequencer, multifunctional faders and a selection of drums, basses and keys. Instantly add stereo and punch-in effects in real time, chop, loop and synchronise MIDI devices, go chromatic with the Keys mode and experience the combination of tactility and pressure-sensitive keys. EP-133 K.O. II is powered by 4x AAA batteries and can be powered via USB-C.



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