The electronic wind instrument

Breath control
Sylphyo responds to your breath force and direction, allowing you to intuitively control the nuances of your music.
Integrated sensors offer a wide range of sound variations, from soft melodies to powerful chords.
Sylphyo can be wirelessly connected to other MIDI devices or software for seamless integration into your setup options.
Sylphyo’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and intuitive playing experience that can be easily integrated into your existing musical practice.
Areas of application
Live performances:
Bring a new dimension to your live performances by controlling your music with your breath and creating a unique sound experience.
Studio recordings:
Utilise the versatility of the Sylphyo to create innovative soundscapes in your studio recordings.
Music production:
Integrate the Sylphyo into your music production software and discover endless creative possibilities

With the Sylphyo, Aodyo sets the standard in the world of MIDI breath controllers by combining advanced technology with an intuitive design. Discover a new dimension of musical expression with the Sylphyo from Aodyo.

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